A PATH Journey is more than a tour: it is a unique opportunity to understand the world in a new way.


As our guests, PATH Journeys travelers join us right where we work, gaining unprecedented access to the people and projects driving global health today.

PATH’s expert staff don’t just work in the countries they serve: most were born there. Our partners include top scientists, government leaders, and celebrated experts. And our solutions are designed with insights from families and communities around the globe.

Our small-group trips are designed for people whose travel is guided by their curiosity and compassion.

Each group includes executive-level leaders from PATH, local and global staff, and travelers from a variety of backgrounds. What we share is a desire for a more authentic understanding of the people, health, and future, of the places we visit.

From lunch with the Zambian Minister of Health to a rare tour of a vaccine manufacturer in Vietnam, Journeys trips explore our work from every angle.

Together, we’ll see innovation in action, explore the countries where PATH works, and meet the leaders and everyday heroes who make our success possible.




June 24–30, 2018
Join us to explore places few tourists experience, enjoy an authentic view of South Africa’s culture and people, and gain a deeper understanding of how PATH is helping entrepreneurs put homegrown health solutions to work. There has never been a better time to visit this vibrant country.



September 30–October 6, 2018
PATH has worked side-by-side with Vietnam’s leaders and communities for more than three decades, growing and changing alongside this dynamic country to overcome its evolving health challenges. Travel with us for a week and witness the past and future of global health.


We would go anywhere with the people who joined us on our PATH Journey. And when you add into the mix the ability to see PATH’s mission at work, it is a rich brew! The trip, in both its planning and execution, was perfect.

Catherine and Thurston Roach
Journeys travelers


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Our small group size is part of what makes Journeys so unique—but space is limited. Contact us today to ask questions, learn more, or reserve your spot.